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Our Happy Clients

Graceworks Housecleaning - 541-292-3895 - Our Happy Clients

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about us:


"You know that feeling you get after a good, hard rain, when you take an unexpected turn on the way home and find yourself lost in a sparkling view of your familiar surroundings as if they were all brand new? That's how it feels after Graceworks cleans your house. It's magical.

My husband and I both work at home, so we turn into cave dwelling, monosyllabic creatures on a regular basis and cleaning is always the second thing to fall by the wayside during deadline crunch time. (The first is healthy eating, obviously. Sugar + caffeine = art, in case you wondered.) We moved into the area recently and knew we had to sort out a cleaning service quickly or we'd never dig ourselves out of the dust and the clutter and the mountains of pet hair. As this was not an appealing prospect, I poked around online, found Graceworks, and hoped for the best. I was blown away! I realize these are a lot of superlatives for housecleaning, but I'm telling you, this isn't ordinary housecleaning at all. The owner, Eric, is not only friendly, punctual, great with silly dogs as well as distracted humans, and really, really good at what he does-- he truly seems to ENJOY cleaning, just as he claims on his website. I can't tell you what a difference this makes in the state of our home. I'm not kidding. It doesn't simply sparkle, it FEELS like the fantastic little retreat it ought to be. All this and everything he does is ecofriendly too, so no choking on chemical fumes in the wake of all that sparkling.

I couldn't be happier with Graceworks and I recommend them wholeheartedly!"

M.C. in Medford



"Amazing work! Graceworks cleaning performed a move out clean of my home and it looks brand new. They arrived on time, communicated promptly when one of the cleaners wasn't able to come due to health issues and supplied additional people as soon as possible. Appreciated their transparent cost estimate even without viewing my home and quick response to my Yelp inquiry. Thank you! "

Hannah W. in Medford



"I am currently visiting my parents, Arnold and Donna Wallender. Amy A. started cleaning their house at the end of January. This is my first visit with them since then, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Amy for her wonderful, wonderful work. The house is absolutely sparkling, and my parents could not be more pleased. Besides doing a terrific job, they also appreciate her pleasant nature and her thoughtfulness and care about them personally. I understand that recently Amy's supervisor also recently came out to the house. It is wonderful to hear about that level of care and service.

Thank you thank you thank you to Amy for all you do for my parents, and to Graceworks for running such a great business. You are helping my parents and me more than I can put into words."

Lisa W. for parents in Medford



"It went really well. I like Alison a lot, very down to earth. Thank her for me. She did a great job. I'd like to have her come back in the future."

Robin H. in Jacksonville

"The cleaning was wonderful and Carissa did an excellent job! She is a wonderful representative of your company!"

Patty J. in Eagle Point

"Meaghan did a really good job! She was fast but thorough!She was great! She seen thinks that I haven't even noticed in awhile."

Deborah H. in Ashland

"Thank you so much! I would love to set up another appointment with Carissa! The cleaning went amazing! Carissa is a marvel, and I'm so appreciative!"

Amanda O. in Medforxd

"I just love the service you guys provide, willing to help me and adjust as needed has been amazing. We appreciate the great customer service and excellent cleaning. We feel as though family is coming to help out for our cleanings, which feels great since we don't have local family. Thank you for all that you do!"

Helen E. in Jacksonville

"Veronica and Alison did a great job vacuuming off my couch that had a lot of dog hair."

Sarah C. in Jacksonville

" My property manager went to look at home and said everything looks great. I appreciate the good communication and helpfulness since I am in Las Vegas and unable to come see the home."

John R. in Las Vegas for a house in Medford

"It went great! The cabinets are old and have lots of wear but Paige was able to remove all the grimmy stuff."

Barbara C. in Prospect

"Things were great! Ssara even stayed slightly passed 3 hours to complete everything for us, since the walk through took a little time. Wonderful service looking forward to our next cleaning."

Tom H. in Ashland

"We just love Cat and the beautiful cleaning job she does for us. The house is always sparkling when she leaves."

Erin S. in Medford

"Veronica did an excellent job!"

Kathy R. in Ashland

"My husband went there last night and says it looks great! We really enjoyed working with Paige, he was kind, hard working and we appreciated his work so much!!"

Alicia S. in Medford

"Jazmin was very sweet and did a great job."

Janie H. in Medford

"Everything is going smooth as silk."

Sarah M. in Ashland

"We love Kari!"

Serena in Ashland

"It was fantastic!"

Linda R. in Medford

"The cleanings have been perfect! Love Ofelia and Ilda's work."

Ryan D. in Medford

"Carissa is just wonderful! I'm very picky and have been through a few housecleaners, But Carissa is just amazing!"

Arianna M. in Medford

"Carissa did an awesome job! Very professional and I like her a lot and her work. She was very comfortable to work with as well."

Karen R. in Central Point

"Jazmin's great! I really like her personality and she does a great job!"

Michael B. in Eagle Point

"Ilda was great, two thumbs up!"

Susanne M. in Ashland

"I would like to have the same incredible women(Veronica and Crystallynn) back in 2 weeks."

Dara A. in Medford

"Gary and I both like Amy very much! She did a really excellent cleaning job, is very accommodating, easy to work with. We are looking forward to having her clean for us on a regular basis. Whew! such a load off my mind."

Genie A. in Ashland

"Everything was great, all clean now and my client is happy as well."

Nick D. in Ashland

"Thank you so much! The house is spotless and I couldn't have asked for a kinder more thorough person in Ofelia!"

Linda D. in Medford

"They did an amazing! They did great! Amber was awesome on the phone! Very impressed with them."

Deanne N. in Medford

"They were the greatest! Such wonderful people, we really appreciated the help! House is now sold!"

Lezlie G. in Ashland

"Crystallyn and Farrah were killer! They did a great job, we're very happy!"

Michael C. in Ashland

"Crystallynn did a great job, i want to hire her again."

Alice G. in Ashland

"It went great for the time frame and our budget. Claudia and Crystallynn worked like busy bees. I would like to schedule more time after we get unpacked and settled in a bit."

Tracy Z. in Medford

"The cleaning went very well, Claudia was a very hard worker."

Robert B. in Rogue River

"It looks so beautiful! It's always so nice to come home after Mandai's done her magic!"

Cara F. in Medford

"Veronica didn't waste time. She was very pleasant. Good value."

Doris A. in Central Point

"Chad is a wonderful human! He is fair and honest and incredibly professional. We have enjoyed having him here. I love coming home to a clean home that doesn’t smell like chemicals!"

Katie U. in Medford

"Crystallynn was professional, courteous and thorough. She did a great job, I want to set up biweekly cleanings."

D. H. in Ashland

"Hello Eric, Just wanted to say that Ofelia and Veronica did an amazing job today on my house as usual. They're both wonderful cleaners and I appreciate their work, but I also trust them both. They work very hard!

Shelly K. in Medford

"Mandai and Alayha are just great people. I really appreciate how Mandai worked longer to care for my home while Alayha was gone."

Melanie O. in Jacksonville

"Everything has looked amazing! We have great communication with Brooke, and we are so excited to have a good cleaning company to clean our offices!"

Maslow Project in Medford

"I really appreciate how helpful and commutative Amber has been threw this process of cleaning both of our homes."

Allen in Medford

"Amy D. is doing a great job, she left a note stating we were low on trash bags, I really appreciate that! "

Chris P. at Allcare in Medford

"Stephanie was very sweet and did a wonderful job. Can't wait for my next cleaning."

Vernetta S. in Medford

"Very, Very happy that we found a cleaner we can trust and get on a regular schedule. Ofelia did an excellent job! Thoroughness, Timeliness, Customer Service, Quality! Ofilia was just the Cleaning Professional we've been searching for... We have booked her for next month and hope to continue to be an ongoing monthly client."

Barbara V. in Ashland

"Amy D., Stephanie, and Veronica were amazing and fantastic! Couldn't be happier! They were just marvelous! I will definitely call back!"

Shellie M. in Grants Pass

"Ladies were lovely and everything looked great in there."

Sarah C. in Medford

"What a great feeling when you find a company that actually shows up when expected, does the job that is expected and where you speak to the owner everytime you call. Where can you find that? My cleaner Amy D. did a great job. She's friendly and thorough, asked questions if unsure about something. Will definitely recommend to family and friends. Oh and the cost is very reasonable compared to other companies here in Medford area."

Lisa O. in Phoenix

"I just want to thank you so much for sending Amy to us! She is AMAZING! All of your people have been wonderful but Amy D. really REALLY is on point and knows what she's doing. I very much appreicate her hard work. Thank you!"

Jenn P. in Eagle Point

"The cleaning went great! She was fantastic! Saved me lots of energy for the move."

Chris H. in Ashland

"Everything is looking great. Niki is Awesome! "

Susan in Ashland

"Kira did a wonderful job. Just a delightful young woman. Everything just sparkled. It was a great experience!"

Judy F. in Rogue River

"Niki is excellent! So quiet and such a good cleaner. She really seems to know what she is doing!"

Larry F. in Medford

"The cleaning was awesome! Clay was very impressed with the kitchen. And the guest rooms and bathroom were perfect!"

Danielle P. in Ashland

"It went really well with Lidia, we would love to have her back and will call back."

Denise M. in Ashland

"Chris does a great job, my husband enjoys having him there as well."

Julie D. in Ashland

"I really loved my team! You guys are great!"

Jahnna in Ashland

"Ofelia is great! She is the nicest cleaner I've ever had!"

Jim F. in Ashland

"They did a great Job. The windows looked great and we loved the smell of your cleaning products!"

Alexandra T. in Talent

"The cleaning was fantastic!"

Donnie in Grants Pass

"They worked their butts off! My place was a mess and they worked so hard to get it looking good."

Jerry H. in Rogue River

"Chris did a great job and we will definitely contact you again to have him back!"

Stephanie H. in Ashland

"Alayha always does a fabulous job, we absolutely love her!"

Ashleigh B. in Ashland

"Shannon is doing a great job! I'm so grateful to have her cleaning for us!"

Leigh H. in Ashland

"Everything looks great, Crystal is doing an awesome job!"

Wendy at Kalista Wellness in Medford

"Ofelia was fantastic! My home is singing and sparkling! She was a delight to have in our home and it is just how I hoped it would be. You really do live up to your business name." 

Janie C. in Ashland

"Amber was fantastic! I will call soon to set up another time. She did an amazing job and I felt very comfortable with her!"

Jenny C. in Trail

"Kira is doing an amazing job. We really appreciate how thorough she is and all of her attention to the little things! Thank you!"

Lori B. in Rogue River

"I love coming home on cleaning day!"

Hillary H. in Medford

"Mandai was super sweet and the cleaning went great!"

Laurie J. at Jovick Construction

"Angela did great! She was detail oriented and very thorough. We would like her back in a few days!"

James C. in Central Point

"Tera did a great job! We'd like to add on more time so even more can get done"

Ron at Journey Church

"I was very pleased with the young woman who cleaned my home. Amber was punctual, and listened attentively to my comments as we toured the house. Then she went to work immediately and stayed focused until she finished 2 1/2 hours later. Excellent!"

Joyce P. in Talent, OR

"Jamie B. was awesome. She did a great job and we couldn't be happier!"

Shelly M. in Ashland

"Kira did a wonderful job! I absolutely love her and Sierra got the deep cleaning done that she has been really wanting done! Loved them both!"

Michelle C. in Medford

"Kira did a super duper job! Absolutely love her! She decorated and looks so lovely like leaving her signature!! The house looks fabulous…so many little, detailed things…many I'm sure I haven't even noticed. I really appreciate the care you put into cleaning our home."

Lori B. in Rogue River

"Amanada/Mandai did a great job!"

Dawn B in Talent 

"Doug is doing a good job!"

Chad at ORW Archeticture

"Everything went really well."

Scott M. in Medford

"The cleaning was really good. Ofelia is very friendly and outgoing. She did a good job." 

Jackie C. in Medford

"Amber is awesome!"

Mike M. in Eagle Point

"It went great. Crystal did an amazing job. I want to set up monthly cleanings now!"

Taran C. in Medford

"5 stars - Very good service! Highly recommended!"

Daphne M. in Medford

"Ofelia has a great work ethic and is a pleasure to be around."

Katy C. in Ashland

"It went great. Alayha's a sweet person, got a lot done, and she even liked my dog!"

Bill B. in Ashland

"Amazing! The 2 girls were the sweetest ever. Very happy with the experience. Couldn't have ask for it any better. I felt very comfortable with them in my home and letting them clean in my house while I was at work. To feel that trust was such a relief. Best thing I ever did. Undoubtedly will be calling again to set up another cleaning."

Kathy K. in Medford
June 29th 2017

"It went great as expected! She got a lot done!"

Paige in Medford

“Jennifer is terrific. I love the philosophy of your company which of course you embody, but she does too.  Our house feels light and happy after she leaves, and she’s so thorough and kind and just a cool presence to have working her magic here all day.  I’m very impressed that you’ve managed to hire people who can do what you do so well!  And we feel very taken care of.”

Megan C. from Medford

"Everything went great. Crystal was very pleasant and I'm looking forward to ongoing cleanings starting next week!"

Marsha in Ashland

"It was wonderful having Lydia there. The most amazing part was how all evening long I kept finding little things that were nicely done. What a relief to have her come. So competent, thorough, and sweet! I will be referring you to many of my friends"

Joy B. in Grants Pass

"She did great! She got everything really well, took a little longer than Erin but was more thorough. Very happy with Lydia."

Tom G. in Medford

"Everything looks amazing!"

Lucy in Ashland

"It went great. Liked Miranda a lot. Really thorough. On time. Very professional."

Tom in Medford

"Loving it."

Katie T. in Medford

"The cleaning went well, all of your team members do an excellent job with the cleaning."

Haley at Anne Hathaway's B and B in Ashland

"Sierra was incredible. She had a great personality and did a wonderful job!"

Margaret in Medford

"The cleaning went really well. Amber and Callie were great and the place looks and feels wonderful!"

Clara in Ashland

"The office looks and smells wonderful! Sierra did a wonderful job"

Chris P. at Allcare in Medford

“Crystal was super nice! The cleaning was great.  The house is sparkling and we are ready for company to arrive tonight.”

Sarah M. in Ashland

Erin was wonderful! Brand new best friends!

Elsa in Ashland

Erin does such great job

Larry in Medford

I’m giddy at how wonderful it was to have help and it's trickled down to me being nicer to people at work!

Becky S. in Ashland with Catherine

The cleaning was spectacular!  Lots of great feedback from the staff, everyone was very happy.  Catherine's attention to detail is much appreciated.

Sarah at Commercial Business Office complex in Ashland

Megan did a great job! I’d like to set up cleaning for my father as well now.

Anna J. in Medford

Wendy did a great job cleaning! She is very thorough. I’m very pleased!

Mary Ann G. in Talent

“Jane does a beautiful job!”

Joy L. in Talent

“Erin is awesome!”

Antea R. in Ashland

“Jennifer is meticulous!”

Jenny in Medford

“Elena and Jennifer were awesome! They were very enthusiastic and cheery. They met my expectations very well. The house was in dire need of a shine and now it looks great!”

Shannon T. in Ashland

“We loved having Sierra here. She got everything done that we wanted done. She’s a great fit!”

Jane P. in Medford

“Crystal is awesome! Flowed so well. Focused. She did everything! Fabulous - hard working! I felt "wow" as I rested in my chair afterwards. Wonderful personality. Wish I could bring her with me every day! A love bomb! The cleaning products were so great and the vacuum cleaned the air while she cleaned!”

Casey in Rogue River

“Super happy, Jane is great!“

Wendy G. in Medford

“Crystal was just perfect! Very conscientious.”

Ryan in Medford

Crystal and Erin: “They did an excellent job! Very happy. They were very trustworthy.”

Jennifer K. in Ashland

“I loved Maria!”

Maureen in Ruch

"Jane is doing a great job! She has been an enormous help getting things set for selling the house."

Carol A. from Ashland

"I am super thrilled with Joann and that she does a wonderful job and communicates very well. Very happy with Graceworks."

Ken S. in Ruch

"The house looks awesome! Thank you Eric!"

W.G. in Medford

"Shannon was very thorough and worked hard. We are very happy with her."

Becky in Ashland

"Ellen was wonderful! She was a hard worker, very fast learner, and pleasant to interact with. We are very pleased!"

Susan A. in Ashland

“Hello, Karlie just left our house after a long hard day of cleaning! I must say, what an asset she is to your company! She did an AWESOME JOB! I cannot say enough about her attention to detail and that I only had to go over what I wanted only once.What a hard working young lady she is! I have dealt with another company before and it did not go down that way at all! Thank you so much for sending her to us!”

Randy in Medford, OR

“Marce is WONDERFUL ;) She really does and thorough job and is such a sweet lady. You certainly have a great crew!”

Abby in Ashland

“Eric was very courteous and professional in our telephone conversations to set things up. Our cleaner was very thorough and pleasant. She was very friendly and open to any and all requests or suggestions I made. She completed all the requested work within the originally agreed upon time period. She even went above and beyond by performing some tasks that I hadn’t even expected (like sweeping off the apartment patio). She was extra nice, patient and talkative with my elderly mom who likes to chat a bit… She really made my mom feel at ease as she is not used to having “strangers” in her home. Eric called again that same evening to follow-up and make sure I was pleased. Based on this first cleaning, I will be retaining our cleaner and GraceWorks as my mom’s regular bi-weekly cleaning service and would recommend them to others.”

Wayne in Medford, OR

"Hello Eric!
I just wanted to let you know that Marce did a wonderful job yesterday cleaning my house!  She was very thorough and everything looks so nice & clean.
Thank you!"

Nancy Sawicki in Ashland, OR

"From the very beginning this has been a wonderful experience. Eric came out first to see the house and answer any questions we had, then Amanda came to clean and did such a great job! I highly recommend them!!"

Kelly in Central Point

Dear Eric,

"Thank you so much for your business. I adore Shira's fantastic work, she makes my home and life sparkle!"

Chris D. in Ashland

"Five Stars. Katie did a great job. Going to schedule for regular cleanings."

J.D. in Medford

"Exceptional attention to detail, knowledgeable, and professional."

C.F. in Medford

“Jane did a great job! We are glad to have her keep on coming back!”

T.G. in Medford

“I was impressed Katie made it in the snow, happy with the work done!”

M. P. in Ashland

"Graceworks is the only company in the Valley that I've had good experiences with, and I have tried many!"

J.B. in Ashland

"Very happy with their cleaning and the product used on the shower door!"

Caroline N. in Medford

"They have done a really nice job for us each time. We really like having them here."

Susan M. in Jacksonville

"Christine did a great job!"

Mark T. in Medford

"Over and over again I am so glad I chose Graceworks for my parents. You and Amy are just outstanding!"

Lisa W. in Medford

"It was the best Xmas gift ever! Super happy and still in awe on how well everything was done, the team was just great! 100% satisfied!!"

Tammy C. in Gold Hill

"I want to thank and commend Veronica for the excellent job she did cleaning our house. She was prompt, professional, friendly and hard working. Our home is an older home and after Veronica got done cleaning the bathroom it felt brighter and the shower looked so much better! The kitchen cabinets were sticky from too many paintings and nothing I did could make them better. After Veronica cleaned, I don't mind touching them as I did before. The whole house feels better!"

Connie B. in Medford

"Paige and Jazmin did a great job! Will definitely use your services again."

Cascade Property Management

"Jazmin is doing a great job!"

Mike T. in Eagle Point

"I just love Sara!"

Lori in Jacksonville

"We are very pleased, very happy with Crystallynn!

Gordon H. in Ashland

"Carissa, Crystallynn, Paige, Amy, Ofelia, and Veronica all did a great job!"

Community Works in Talent

"Carissa did an awesome job! No complaints just praise!"

Nadine W. in Medford

"I greatly appreciate all of Ilda’s wonderful help, she went above and beyond with each cleaning. Please thank her for me."

Jennifer S. in Jacksonville

"Cat does an excellent job and is so sweet! Best housekeeper I've ever had. I also like your management and alert system. Very professional and helpful. I like your company a lot now and see why my parents were raving about your services."

Teri in Medford

"We just love Amy! Her personality and cleaning style are just great! We consider her part of the family. We adore her!"

Susie T. in Ashland

"The cleaning went great! Kira did an absolutely amazing job!"

Jacob in Grants Pass

"Ofelia did a wonderful job as always!"

Nicky C. in Phoenix

"Carissa was on time and finished the job in less time than planned. She was quiet and efficient. I was very pleased and will ask for her again when I have a need. Loved the use of eco friendly products."

Billee S. in Medford

"Jazmin is awesome! I am SO happy with her!"

Sarah W. in Eagle Point

"Jazmin does a great job, and she does things that I don't even have to ask her to do. The place looks great!"

Sarah W. in Medford

"I'm very happy with the cleanings and Crystallynn, she is very conscientious."

Bernice in Ashland

"Great work! Couldn't have been better, Crystallynn got lots of layers of dirt out."

David M. in Ashland

"AMAZING! Absolutely wonderful!"

Tara M. in Medford

"My compliments to Kira, she was fantastic! She went above and beyond, I have never seen my fridge and dishwasher so clean and polished. She was very professional and just amazing! Five out of five stars!

Colleen C. in Central Point

"The cleaning went fine, Kira did a great job. I am very happy with GraceWorks communication and service."

Vicky W. in Ashland

"Amy did a wonderful job! She was very pleasant, and did a wonderful job cleaning. She stayed busy the entire time. I am really pleased with the whole company with the help and thoroughness."

Jennifer S. in Phoenix

"The cleaning went great, Farrah did an awesome job, was thorough and completed a lot in a little amount of time! I'd like to set up monthly cleanings."

Sunny L. in Ashland

"The house looks beautiful and smells amazing! Chad and Crystallynn really transformed the place!"

Matt L. in Ashland

"Ofelia is wonderful! She always exceeds my expectations!"

Nicky C. in Phoenix

"Chris did his usual great job!"

Julie D. in Ashland

"The cleaning with Stephanie and Veronica went GREAT! Sold the house in one day. Will be considering Graceworks for the move-out cleaning!"

Heather R. in Medford

"The cleaning with Brooke went AMAZING!"

Shayna O. in Medford

"The cleaning was fantastic with both Veronica and Tanya!"

Carolyn R. in Medford

" I was really impressed with job that my cleaners (Crystallynn and Farrah) did today at my move out."

Jewel L. in Ashland

"The cleaning went great. Brooke and Farrah both were really pleasant and we were very happy with the cleaning."

Katie A. in Medford

"It was terrific! They were very accommodating, professional and thorough. We were super impressed by the professionalism of the whole company."

Wendy S. in Medford

"We are happy with Chris's work, he is doing a great job."

Holly at KS Wild

"The cleaning went great, Amy A. and Veronica arrived on time and went right to work. I was super happy."

Barb L. in Ashland

"Absolutely amazing! I hired Graceworks to clean out a rental. They were prompt at response to my inquiry and the team did an incredible job and a quick timelines. I decided to take the plunge and do routine services! I am speechless. I just got back hours for my weekend to enjoy time with my kids! Thank you so much!"

Holly N. in Central Point

"I am so pleased that Amy D. got my stainless steel to sparkle!"

Alana M. in Eagle Point

"The house feels wonderful! It feels so nice and so helpful."


"Things continue to look good around here thanks to Alayha!"

Jennifer S. at Caliber Home Loans in Ashland

"Brooke did an great job! We are really happy."

Elizabeth D. in Ashland

"Amy D. and Veronica did a great job! Smells great, like when we first moved in! We will definitely have you back again in the future."

Jessica N. in Phoenix

"Angela did a wonderful job, just what I needed. Most pleased."

Joan H. in Ashland

"Amy did an outstanding job! My place looks even bigger now since her organizing and cleaning!"

Mark N. in Eagle Point

"Angela did a fabulous job! Just excellent! Came home and was so impressed with the floors!"

Barb C. in Jacksonville

"Graceworks did a great job in a short amount of time. Thanks for the services!"

Jonathan T. in Rogue River

"Chris was so awesome! He even did the microwave, the fridge, keyboard, and light fixtures. My house looks like a model home now! It was so awesome! Let's do biweekly now!"

Katherine B. in Colestin Valley

"Mandai and Ofelia are doing a wonderful job! Such a delight to have around."

Barb O. in Ashland

"Enormously pleased with Sierra's work. I've enjoyed all the girls you have sent here!"

Joyce P. in Talent

"Ofelia is perfect! She is so nice too! "

Janie H. in Medford

"The cleaning went good, just what we needed"

Vicky W. in Ashland

"It went really well. Really nice job. Ofelia even cleared the drains! Nice Person!"

Ana R. - Ashland

"We love Ofelia, she's a boss!"

Patie M. in Medford

"Carmen and Sierra know what they are doing and they do a great job!"

Laurel V. in Ashland

"Carmen and Lidia couldn't pass up getting my fridge and oven cleaned! I'm happy!"

Helen W. in Ashland

"The cleaning went great and my wife loved it!"

Joe P. in White City

"Angela did an outstanding job! Such a hard worker. I am very pleased! It was perfection."

Coralee F. in Medford

"Ofelia was amazing. Incredible deep clean."

Michael S. in Ashland

"Sierra was great! Very happy with the cleaning and your business!"

Aditti in Medford

"The windows look AWESOME!! Alayha saw a note on my desk reminding me to call a window cleaner and took the initiative to text and tell me she could do the work with some extra time. I really appreciate the initiative and she did a fantastic job!"

Jennifer S. at Caliber Home Loans

"Kira did an amazing job, the best I've had."

Kris M. in Grants Pass

"Looks perfect. It's beautiful, I can breathe again!!!"

Delores D. in Medford

"Ofelia gets 4 stars! She is the longest lasting cleaner we have had!"

Mike in Talent

"Oh my gosh! I want to rave about how pleased I was with Chris's cleaning. My landlord was floored by his speediness and how he would address any areas asked. He ended up not needing to repaint two rooms as a result of Chris's work. Very, very pleased, money well worth it! I couldn't say enough of how happy both I and my landlord are. I'm so grateful I didn't have to breathe in chemicals and make my lungs worse as a result. He used all natural products and has a 10 star result! What a great guy you have on your staff. We will be recommending you for sure after seeing our sparkling home. Thank you for fitting us in on such short notice."

Sophia Z. in Medford

"Doug & Jamie are really nice, a great team, and do a good job!"

Michelle in Medford

"Jamie B. did a wonderful job making the place look beautiful! Great attention to detail!"

Courtney N. at Expert Properties

"The cleaning was awesome! Jamie B. is so thorough and her attention to detail is amazing!"

Marie Ann B. in Medford

"Hey I just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how much I am enjoying my spotless clean house! Angela was great, super courteous and knew exactly what I wanted. She worked around our current construction project and clutter.... I'm super happy!!! What a nice feeling to have a clean house without having to do it yourself :) I am looking forward to her next visit!"

 Rebecca P. in Medford

"Doug and Jamie F. do a great job. Everything went great!"

Michelle C. in Medford

"Thank you - all went really well with Angela's cleaning! We appreciate the followup as well."

Roz in Ashland

"Ofelia and Hannah are both lovely people really happy with job they did! They are both hard workers and my home looks great!"

Patie M. at John L Scott Real Estate

"Alayha  is doing an excellent job!" 

Claus M. in Ashland

"We are very appreciative that Jamie B. could come out and clean on short notice."

Barb M in Talent

"Crystal is very good. She is very thorough and on time."

Cindy A. in Medford

"I really liked your cleaning ladies. They did a wonderful job."

Barbara O.

"Amber did all of that in three hours? Wow. I need to go to bimonthly then to keep it nice and fresh like this after she's been here."

Darius in Ashland

"Christina's a hard worker!"

Carolyn H. in Ashland

"Amber did a fantastic job, were here on time, and I'm very pleased with her and the cleaning."

Mike M. in Ashland

"Alayha's delightful! Everything was perfect. She is a keeper!"

Mary R. in Talent

"The people I set up the cleaning for as a gift were thrilled! Thank you so much. There were some little touches that just made it that much better!"

Amy S. in Applegate

"Hi Eric, I have been meaning to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with Amber.  She is a joy to work with - professional, positive and takes pride in her work.  She does a very good job on our house.  And she takes the initiative to look for solutions.  We use well water with no softener or filter which leaves mineral deposits on all surfaces, especially showers and kitchen sinks.  She asked and I agreed to try a new product she found.  The shower walls and stainless steel kitchen sinks looked better than they have in a long time."

Alana M. in Eagle Point

"The office is looking fabulous!"

ORW Architecture in Medford

"Very very happy with the experience with Graceworks! Eric was amazing to deal with, very easy to get a hold of and made sure of exactly what we wanted. The quote he provided was accurate and he made it easy to pay. Jennifer did an AMAZING job on our house. We had her do a move out cleaning and the whole house just sparkles! She was great to work with as well and had great communication! Very highly recommend them!"

Christina in Central Point

"The House looked great for new owners! Great work! and we'll be using you in the future!"

Elaine F. in Jacksonville

"Amber was sweet and did a great job! She saw things to clean that we hadn't even noticed. We were very pleased and will be happy to use your services again."

Terri P. in Central Point

"Shannon and Jennifer are doing a great job!"

Matt at ESPI Metals in Ashland

"They did an excellent job! I'm really impressed with the quality of their work and all of your crew. They are great!"

Haley at Anne Hathaway's B'n'B

"All is looking good. Ashley does a great job."

Gary D. in Talent

"I love Amber. She is a fireball! She did everything that I wanted done and it's the first time I have paid for a cleaning where they did everything just how I like it!"

Sabra in Medford

"Everything went well, she did a nice job, great products, and no offensive smells!"

Dawn in Medford

“Wendy did a great job cleaning! She is very thorough. Very pleased!”

Mary Ann G.

“She did a fabulous job and got areas that were gross without me even asking.”

Megan C. with Megan

“Giddy at how wonderful it was to have help and it's trickled down to her being nicer to people at work!”

Becky S. with Catherine

“We Love Her! What a bright light!”

Abby at JPR

“I really like Crystal's work and thought she did an amazing job.”

Patricia C. with Crystal

“It was wonderful! Brand new best friends!”

Elsa with Erin

“Cleanings are going great!”

Coryln C. with Christina

“Everything looks great and we really appreciate Ashley's work.”

Kimberley at Amerititle

“My house looked great! Thanks for the cleaning excellence!”  cleaning done by Maria

Serena in Ashland

“We are very happy with Christina’s work. Very pleased. We will call back to set up another time.”

Rajesh and Shams in Talent

“Jennifer and Christina were pleasant, easy going, and they did an awesome job!”

Debbie D. in Ashland

“I love Crystal. She does a great job!”

Julie W. in Jacksonville

“I love Jennifer and Sierra both. They did a great job and the house looks great!”

Cindy H. in Medford

“Jennifer was wonderful. The house is spotless!”

Jeff J. in Medford

“Toni did an amazing job. I’d love to have her come back again!”

Lucy W. in Ashland

“I am so pleased with Ofelia. She did a great job and she is such a kind woman. I will definitely use your company in the future.”

Julie S. in Medford

Kenny, Crystal, and Christina: “They must have done and impeccable job cleaning because I had an agent show it on Friday evening and the house is pending before we even got it on the market!”

Kristen M. in Ashland (Real Estate Agent)

“Erin did a great job. The house looks great!”

Jane E. in Ashland

“Jennifer was a good fit. She was meticulous and friendly. Went well. She was very conscientious.”

Claus in Ashland

“Thrilled with both of Jennifer and Elena. Very conscientious and thorough!”

David W. in Ashland

"We adore Ashley, love the work she is doing and that she is on time."

Amanda H. in Ashland

"Erin was incredible, fantastic! She had a lot of work cut out for her but did an amazing job! I'm really looking forward to her coming back! What a relief! Thanks so much for everything."

Laurie C. in Medford

"Jane is a miracle worker! We want to adopt her!"

Melissa M. in Medford

"Christina was a joy. She was super nice and had great energy, and great attention to detail, which we appreciate very much. She seems able to accommodate any level of preference for cleanliness, and enthusiastically."

Sila R. in Ashland

"Eric Grace and his staff have provided house cleaning services for me a number of times. Eric stands behind his service, always follows up to be sure we are pleased, and he and his housecleaners have dealt with our difficult schedules with 'grace' and great attitudes. I'm happy I can count on them!"

J.S. in Medford

“Can’t say enough about the job they did. Was on short notice for a rental that we own. It’s nice to be able to show a nice clean and odor free house. Thanks GraceWorks!”

Harold in Medford, OR

“Punctual, friendly, hard working and did a great job! I moved out of my rental and needed a full house cleaning top to bottom and everything that I asked was done. It looked great! Thank you!”

Sarah S. in Central Point

“Recently, I hired Eric Grace to come over and help clean up around the house. As you may know, this residential cleaning (in an ecologically friendly way) is one of the things he does. He took on the task of cleaning the windows in my house. Not a fun job, especially with as many windows as I have – plus the accumulated dust that comes with 2+ years in the country. Short version? He did an excellent job at a good price, with no supervision. I’d hire him again in a sec.”

M.D. in Ashland

“Dear Eric,
Thank you so much for coming this past week and having the house be so wonderfully clean!”

A.C. in Ashland

"Wonderful service! Eric was very responsive and the cleaning person he sent out was the best I have ever had! I highly recommend him."

Pam H. in Ashland, OR

"Did an amazing job. Did not take shortcuts or skip anything. Great attitude and People skills."

Phillip N. in Medford, OR

"I hired GraceWorks to clean my small apartment and was pleased with the experience. Amanda was very professional and finished the job more quickly than I expected. The eco-friendly cleaning products left my place clean without smelling harsh. I had never hired a cleaning service before, but I will definitely be doing so again. Thanks, GraceWorks!"

Kristi in Ashland

"I am moving and my house was really a disaster. Victoria came in and was able to cope with the situation. She brought the house to where it needed to be for me to leave. She is very professional, pleasant and efficient. I would request her in any situation."

Linda P. in Medford

"Awesome work!"

K. M. in Ashland

“GREAT experience today with Ashley! Beautiful results and so easy to have around while I was working in my office.”

B.M. in Medford

“Sarette and Nathanael worked well together and worked hard!”

J.S. in Medford

"Hi, My name is Linda and I work for Dr. Binette @ Women’s Health Inc. Your company is now cleaning our office. Currently Ilda & Meaghan are cleaning. I had a spill today, just water on the floor in our kitchen/break room, but a significant amount, so I took a few paper towels to clean up the water to my surprise there was not any dirt on them!!! I have worked here for over 20 years. I can’t even remember when I go to wipe something up expecting lots of dirt etc. This was such a nice surprise. I wanted to make sure I let you know. We had wonderful cleaners 20 + years ago but have numerous cleaners since then, and have been very disappointed. I am the OSHA compliance officer so always meet with the cleaners and work closely with them. I give kudos to your staff they are excellent in cleaning and contamination."

Linda M. in Medford

"Looks amazing!"

Joseph S. in Ashland

"The house is SPARKLING! Paige and Meaghan did a super job!"

Kathy P in Shady Cove

"We very much appreciate Amy going the “extra mile” in going after the spider webs."

Donna W. in Medford

"She was very nice and the cleaning went well. I will call back soon to set up to have her come back."

Thais in Ashland

"Alison did a fantastic job! She got everything done in 4 hours. Great job!"

Sue M. in Medford

"The cleaning with Carissa and Paige was wonderful. They did a great job!"

Bob and Betty S. in Ashland

"Thank you so much! Its stunning! Everything is shiny and pretty. Smells wonderful!"

Marcella in Central Point

"We love and appreciate Ilda and her care for our doctors office. We are so glad we found a cleaner that can take care of all our needs."

WSG in Medford

"Carissa and Cat were great! They did a wonderful job!"

Deb S. in Ashland

"Ofelia did a beautiful job! I appreciated it very much."

Liza M. in Ashland

"They are so professional! I love your crew. They are so well trained and better than any other cleaners I've seen around here."

Petra N. in Medford and
Gold Hill for vacation rentals

"Kari and Ilda were both wonderful to have clean my place."

Pat R. in Ashland

"Sara does great work!"

Michael H. in Ashland

"Crystallynn did a great job! The place is sparkling."

Ardith in Ashland

"Veronica is so nice to have around, efficient, and does a great job! I'm so happy with your service."

Judy L. in Medford

"Ofelia did an excellent job!"

Carolyn C. in Medford

"Carissa is a world class cleaner! Definitely a keeper! I can't express enough appreciation for her and how she scrubbed everything! She was very thorough."

Neil B. in Phoenix

"Carissa is wonderful. She did a really good job; it smelled nice and clean when she left, just like when you used to do it. And MaeMae, our dog, really liked her too; a big plus. Thank you for sending her our way."

Barbara M. in Talent

"Jazmin and Cat are doing a great job, and we’re very happy! Thanks!

Jen at Sunday Afternoons in Talent

"Sara did a fabulous job! I would pay for the price of two people for this!"

Morgan H. in Ashland

"Crystallyn was great! Just terrific job. She was so thorough and attentive."

Shoshanna A. in Ashland

"I LOVE the cleaning services I'm receiving from Amy. She is so pleasant with a kind heart. She is an excellent communicator and performs thorough jobs. I am very happy with my service!"

Megan F. in Ashland

"The cleaning went great, everything really looked good when Ofelia and Veronica were done. They both were very friendly and efficient."

Hector A. in Medford

"The ladies did a great job on our house!"

Joe and Jan K. in Medford

"Veronica did a great job thank you so much! I would definitely use this service again!"

Don W. in Medford

"Farrah is lovely!"

Abby at Jefferson Public Radio

"Crystallynn and Claudia did a great job! Great crew! I wanted to tip them but forgot. I'm very happy. I will call in the future to set up a cleaning."

David W. in Medford

"The cleaning was very good. My husband (who was home) was impressed with both Chad and Claudia and liked them. I thought the house was very clean and was pleased with how they did."

Faith M. in Medford

"Kira does a great job, and she's just a sweetheart!"

Carol S. in Medford

"Stephanie is doing a great job. We are happy with her work."

Toby G. in Medford

"Brooke and Farrah did an awesome job. They were polite and worked hard. My house has never smelt so clean, and the bathroom was cleaner than it ever has been!"

S.L. in Medford

"Thank you so much for sending me Tanya, she was perfect!"

Jenn P. in Eagle Point

"Chad and Claudia were AMAZING!"

Barbara B. in Medford

"Amy A. was so awesome! She was efficient and thorough. I was so impressed and completely satisfied."

Megan F. in Ashland

"I'm so thrilled! Amy was fantastic! She even cleaned things that we hadn't asked her too."

Carla D. in Central Point

"We just love Taliah!"

Carolyn H. in Ashland

"Everything went great! Kira had a very bubbly personality, very thorough. She got the kitchen just gleaming!"

Adrienne in Kirby

"Stephanie did an excellent job. Love to have her back again!"

Fran B. in Medford

"Niki and Brooke did a great job helping us out on short notice. I would gladly use them again."

Mike F. at Sunglass Hut

"Niki did a fabulous job! So easy to work with. I will be recommending you to others."

Cara M. at Naturewise in Ashland

"Kira did a great job. Looking forward to having her back in 2 weeks."

Shirley R. in Grants Pass

"Everything went very well, Taliah is a nice girl, satisfied with her."

Elsa B. in Ashland

"Stephanie and Veronica did wonderful! I didn't even recognize my home when I got there!"

Ashley G. in Medford

"Hi Eric, Just wanted to let you know that Ophelia and Veronica came and cleaned my house today. It looks absolutely AMAZING!!! They are quite the team. Veronica was wonderful, and so thorough...she was professional, efficient, kind, and did such a beautiful job. I recommend that you do whatever it takes to keep her around. �� She is a gem. I would like to request both of them (as I'm sure many clients do) for my cleanings. I will do whatever it takes, if you need to switch my days, times, etc. Thank you so much. This cleaning has made my day!"

Shelly K. in Medford

"They did an amazing job! Really great upbeat people. Loved how much they got done for my home!"

Jennifer H. in Medford

"Outstanding! Beyond my expectations! Many thanks!"

Charles Z. in Ashland

"Ofelia is doing a great job! My wife loves her attention to detail!"

Tom S. in Medford

"Angela is perfect!"

Sharon W. in Medford

"The clinic looks beautiful; I'm really grateful for your services and for Alayha! I appreciate her cleaning skills and she is a great communicator."

Suzanne S. at Wellness Center in Ashland

"Thank you Carmen, very happy with the cleaning!"

Rebecca K. in Ashland

"The cleaning went fine, Lidia was cheerful!"

Mary T. in Talent

"The cleaning was great and Angela was a nice girl. We will call back in the future."

Ray in Medford

"Kira did a nice job and we look forward to having her back!"

Darlene O. in Grants Pass

"She did an amazing job, I had to put my sunglasses on it was sparkling so much in my bathrooms!"

Abigail L. in Ashland

"Everything is as it should be and I'm picky! Sierra is a great communicator and the response from our guests is great!"

Abby K. in Medford

"Lidia is very nice and did a really nice job in our home after it had a lot of buildup. I think she will work out fine for us long term!"

Harlan B. in Medford

"Chris did a superb job! A great asset to your company. We will definitely call him back in the future."

John L in Ruch

"Ofelia is phenomenal. Quick and so thorough and does all the little extras."

Judy L. in Medford

"It looked great! First time hiring house cleaners."

Asha G. in Ashland

"Everything looks great at the office. Alayha is perfection in human form!  I am so glad you picked her for our office.  I appreciate her attention to detail."

Madrona Healthcare in Ashland

"I love Alayha to death. Precious jewel. So conscious. Always check ins about everything. Great energy!"

Mary R. in Talent

"After their cleaning of our rental, we got our $2000 rent deposit back and our landlady and real estate agent use Graceworks as well for other properties. The women cleaning were so nice and friendly and cleaned even with us still moving stuff out around them. They were quiet and respectful and did a better job than I ever could the toilets were cleaner than when we moved in"

Melissa P. in Medford

"The house looks great! Thanks! We love coming home to a clean house!"

Paula W. in Ashland

"The cleaning was wonderful. Ofelia was amazing! So kind and friendly. The house looks spectacular. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for helping us with the last minute request. We definitely will be calling again."

Rebecca S.in Medford

"Everything here seems great. Alayha is keeping everything Sparkling!"

Suzanne at Ashland Acupuncture

"I am grateful for Anjule's support and I think she's a real asset to Graceworks!"

Joy H. in Ashland

"Everything looks and smells so clean! What do you use on the wood? It smells so wonderful!"

Dawn B. in Talent

"Things went awesome like usual! You guys are great."

Chris B. in Central Point

"The cleaning went fine, Angela did a great job on the bathrooms and Chris did excellent in the kitchen!"

Randy in Phoenix

"Angela is awesome! Absolutely awesome! She is a keeper!"

Coralee in Medford

"I want to let you know again how delighted I am with Anjule’s work ethic and personality. She is conscientious and easy to work with for me. Thanks for providing this needed service, I truly appreciate it!"

Joy H. in Ashland

"Thanks for doing such a great job in our house!  We appreciate Jamie F.'s hard work! Makes my day… my week… to come home to such a nice clean house!"

Hillary H. in Medford

"Thank you so much for Alayha cleaning our office so beautifully!"

Suzanne S. at Ashland Wellness Clinic

"Jamie F. is great. I'm so happy to have found you all!" 

Amy P. in Medford

"Jennifer is lovely and thorough and such a bright light."

Abby H. at Jefferson Public Radio

"I like Ofelia a lot and want to start having monthly cleanings."

Nichole L. in Ashland

"Miranda is an extremely hard worker and represents your company well. You are fortunate to have her as an employee!"

Tom S. in Medford

"Shannon and Jamie F. did a great job!"

Josh S. in Talent

"Kitchen sink looks great! Shower looks great! Everything looks great! Thank you so much!"

Alana M. in Eagle Point

"It went great. Kira was nice and we are happy with the cleaning!"

McKenzie in Medford

"Tiffany was clear, efficient, and made such a difference! She was fantastic! Lydia was as well!"

Shoshana A. in Ashland

"It went good! The cleaning was excellent. Glad you could fit us in on short notice!"

Sean B. in Ashland

"Everything is looking great."

ESPI Metals in Ashland

"Callie was great and did just what I asked her to do!"

Marta S. in Central Point

"Miranda did an amazing job and I'd love to have her back again sometime."

Isa in Ashland

"Jennifer continues to do great work."

Mona in Ashland

"I enjoyed Amber very much. There was a lot to do. She did a great job. Will have you back. Very pleased with the products and Amber is a good girl!"

Linda A. in White City

"I just want you to know how special and good Tiffany is for us here at the Invincible Heart Traditions Center. What a heart and her selflessness is uncanny! She's truly here to serve your clients! Blessed be and Hallelujah!"

Aneeahseah in Ashland

"Miranda's adorable! She's a hard worker. On time. She did all that was asked to do. Perky sweet!"

Carole in Medford

"Sierra did a great job and joyfully pleasant throughout! My daughter Talia had a lot of shy smiles for her!"

Ian in Talent

"Crystal is lovely, genuine, willing and responsive, and does a great job cleaning!"

Shoshanna in Ashland

"It went awesome! I love Megan!"

Laura in Ashland

"We really like Crystal and hope she will be around for a long time. She has a very sweet attitude and is a hard worker!"

Susan in Ashland

"Ofelia was fantastic! She's awesome! I'd have her back again and again."

Anastasia in Ashland

"Amber was really pleasant, a good worker, and we are very happy with the cleaning! We referred you to our daughter who is looking for a cleaning company!"

Tim P. in Central Point

"Amazing service! My home is clean for the holidays, saving me a ton of time!!"

Elizabeth L. with Wendy

“She was absolutely wonderful! She did a fabulous job. Such a nice gift to myself in having someone clean for me. Want to do monthly cleanings now!”

Hety with Megan

“It’s going wonderfully! Couldn't be happier!”

Valerie R. with Sierra

“We love Crystal, she does a fantastic job, and she’s just nice to have around. :) Very happy with her!”

Maisey Y.

“Erin is a gem!”

Laurie C.

“It went wonderfully!”

Kerri G with Joann

“Shannon is doing a great job.”

Tom S. at Gigatest

“Thank you very much for your efficient business and Erin's skillful help!”

Susan M. in Ashland

“I’m very happy with Joann’s cleaning. She has a great personality and doesn’t dilly dally. She works hard and everything went well.”

Tamara C. in Eagle Point

“Maria is really sweet and a hard worker, I’m glad to have her back!”

Serena S. in Ashland

“Jennifer was fabulous! She did a really good job. I am very satisfied.”

Carol R. in Medford

“It went wonderfully! I really like Elena. She is very fast and efficient. She ventured into an area that usually doesn’t get clean.”

Patrick S. in Ashland

“Toni was very professional, attentive, and with clear communication. I will be referring you to my realtor!”

Chiron O. in Ashland

“Ofelia did a great job! She was outstanding and definitely achieved the ‘WOW’ factor!”

Charity M. in Medford

“We found Ashley to be delightful, and the place looked wonderful this morning.”

Marion and Kim at Amerititle in Ashland

Maria, Jennifer, Elena:  “Wow, it looks really great!”

Jen B. in Ashland

“Jennifer did a fantastic job, the doors look great, she did everything I asked in the time allotted, will definitely be using you in the future!”

Dorothy in Medford

"The office looks great. She's doing a good thorough job, she's the best yet!"

Ann F. in Ashland

"Becca's been great, so peaceful and can talk and work well. Her grandfather knows my husband well"

Julie F. in Central Point

"Crystal was excellent! We were really impressed. Glad to continue with ongoing cleanings!"

Dennis G. in Ashland

"We are very pleased and impressed with Ashley's cleaning. She was fast and thorough! We want to set up ongoing cleaning."

Mika M. in Ashland

"Melissa did a great job yesterday. She covered everything perfectly! And she did so with very little direction needed. I like the non-toxic cleaners too, I was able to enjoy my clean home without getting a headache after the cleaning!"

R.V. in Rogue River

“Eric was helpful and efficient in setting up the cleaning service. The service itself was excellent. She was very thorough; the floors sparkled, the carpets were well vacuumed, and all surfaces were cleaned and dusted. We plan to use the service on a regular basis.”

H. B. in Medford

“Hi Eric & Anne,
Thank you for cleaning our home today. It feels good to have your support while we are settling into our home. Really appreciate the clean house. It was very nice to have the follow up call. It is a nice personal touch. Very professional."

Sincerely - Larry and DeLinda S. in Central Point

“Hi Eric
Just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with the quality of your work. You are a kind soul and it is a pleasure to have you around. Thanks also for pointing out things that need attention you may see while you clean such as the rug dye bleeding into the carpet below. You may see things that I miss so I appreciate that.
See you next time.”

S.A. in Ashland

“My experience in working directly with Mr. Grace has shown me he is extremely conscientious regarding completion of work, is in complete communication regarding client expectations and satisfaction with each type of project. Eric is very dedicated, and shows initiative regarding additional work that needed to be done but was not necessarily presented in the original scope of services. My wife is extremely sensitive to perfumes, scents, and sounds, due to a debilitating surgery, and Mr. Grace has been exceptionally aware of her needs (she is homebound) during daily cleaning. Our household utilizes only natural, unscented and dye-free products for laundry and cleaning.It is my pleasure to recommend GraceWorks and Eric Grace for other housekeeping and cleaning projects.”

D.F. in Phoenix, OR

"Very professional service. Setting up cleaning times is easy and cleaning person does a terrific job. Amazing how easy Graceworks makes the experience and an awesome cleaning job. She does a great job cleaning with our 2 dogs and 2 cats. Always punctual and efficient."

Jennifer E. in Medford

"Shannon was wonderful, I will definitely be wanting her services once a month."

C.G. in Medford

"You guys are the best! Jenny and Sara were just great. I got many compliments on the house. I dropped your name a few times. Thank you for doing such a great job!"

C.C. in Ashland

"Hi Eric,
I just wanted to let you know I am extremely pleased with Ellen. This is the best money I spend every week."

M.C. in Ashland

“Sarette is very thorough! The place looks better than it ever has!”

C. H. in Ashland

Jennifer is doing great.  Always here as scheduled and asking what else she can do. All is going well.

David T. in Medford

It went great! Ofelia is very sweet. I would like to use your services again in the future.

Diana Y. in Medford


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