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About Us

Graceworks Housecleaning - 541-292-3895 - About Us

Eric Grace - Owner

Born in Minnesota, Eric came to Ashland in 2002 searching for a beautiful town with a great community to raise a family. He found Ashland to be the perfect place for him and his half-German son, Savar, who was born in 2004. He loves the Rogue Valley for its beautiful landscapes, hiking, and the gem of Lithia Park!

Eric has mentored individuals for personal and professional transformation over the last 20 years. In 2008, he was inspired to create Graceworks as a ecofriendly Housecleaning company to bring more goodness into the world through non-toxic cleaning. He enjoys offering Graceworks Housecleaning as a way for business owners, homeowners, and residents of the area to have more easeful, productive, and healthier lives.

Eric has a passion for singing and playing guitar, creating poetry, dance, mentoring, holistic living, conscious business practices, integral theory, personal and collective awakening, sustainable development and innovative technologies, personal health, and living a soulful life.

Eric and the Graceworks team have a mission to bring more goodness into the world through excellent service, a love of cleaning, non-toxic practices, and care for each person and each space that they clean. They look forward to being in touch with you to see how they may serve you.

- The GraceWorks Team -

Meet our Green Cleaners

We understand that our clients welcome our company and cleaners into an intimate setting: their home. We hire only the most responsible, friendly, and caring cleaners. We support our clients in stepping away from their daily household chores and creating more simplicity and ease in their lives. We love providing each client with a peaceful, clean, and healthy living space. All of our cleaners are paid over the table and have been carefully chosen by our company. We look forward to serving you, here’s our crew:

Lala –Gracework's Mascot

Lala is Graceworks' official mascot.  She was born in Northern California and made her way to the Valley in May 2017.  Her official role is greeter at the office and making sure everyone is showered in kisses. She loves long walks, smelling for awesome scents, car rides, snuggling, and playing as much as she can.

Amber –Bookkeeper/Cleaner

Amber was born in California, but she grew up in beautiful Oregon. Nature and the outdoors is a huge part of her life. Living in Oregon gives her 3 children the chance to experience the great outdoors. She loves making things beautiful and fresh. Her hobbies are a range from crafts, woodworking, cleaning and organizing, camping, fishing and sports. She’s definitely a Jill of all trades. 

Amber has done a variety of jobs from waitressing, C.N.A, as well as cleaning residential and commercial spaces. She finds it satisfying to serve her clients with quailty detailed work. Over the years, She has become concerned about her families carbon footprint and then taught herself ways to be ecofreindly by avoiding chemicals to provide a healthier lifestyle. With being a mom of 3, providing a healthy lifestyle is important to her.

Amy – Lead Trainer and Cleaner

Amy has lived in the Rogue Valley for over 13 years with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters. After living in Washington and Northern California she settled here and there's no place she'd rather be. Throughout her life, "green" living and respect for the earth have been of great importance. She is thrilled to be sharing that dedication with others by helping to make their spaces shine.

She loves to laugh, sing, spend time with her family, and read. In her spare time, you can find her crafting natural healing and beauty products. One of her great passions is learning about the mind, body and spirit connection and incorporating that knowledge into living her best self and enriching her connection with others.

Ofelia – Cleaner

Ofelia has been in Oregon for many years. She is from a large family with 6 sisters and 3 brothers. She enjoys spending time with her family and doing many church related activities. She also enjoys making her clients homes a tidy and clean for you to enjoy. Ofelia is very trustworthy, dependable, reliable, as well as a hard worker who likes to pay attention to the little details of cleaning that make a house a home.

Kira – Cleaner

Born and raised in Oregon, Kira has grown accustomed to living in a beautiful thriving valley surrounded by the gently sloping mountains that have always provided a sense of comfort and home for her. She started taking ballet classes at a local dance studio at the age of seven and continued into her late teens. She is completely inspired by the arts and loves seeing how different individuals are able to express themselves with such abundant variety. She believes life itself is a form of art, one which requires us to constantly be considering our choices and evaluating how they paint our life story.

More recently, she has found herself inspired by the beauty and power of essential oils. She is amazed by the incredible impact they can have on one’s emotional well-being along with all their diverse uses. Kira’s passion lies in helping to improve the overall quality of life experienced by others; she feels that taking a home and creating a clean, orderly, and therapeutic environment is a great way for her to achieve that.

Veronica – Cleaner

Veronica loves and enjoy s cleaning! Her favorite experience is when her clients are satisfied and happy with her work! She loves all the areas in cleaning and enjoys getting at the little details! She also loves playing the guitar! She is excited to meet you and looking forward to clean your home!

Crystallynn – Cleaner

Crystallynn was born in Sisters, Oregon. She likes to say that she wanted to have as much of Oregon around her as possible, so she chose to be born in the very middle of the state! She has lived up and down the west coast and has traveled world wide. Even after seeing so much of the world's beauty, Oregon is her favorite place of all. She now loves living in the Rogue valley for it's balanced mixture of eastern and western Oregon: fertile soils, rolling hills, mild winters and hot summers, and fantastic community.

She has enjoyed cleaning and organizing from a young age. Her mother loves to tell the story of how 'from the shopping cart Crystallynn would fuss until I moved her to the side of the isle where she could reach out and rotate all the can labels to face forward and straighten out the boxes." She deeply values the way a clean and orderly space promotes a clearer mind, a calmer heart, and invites solace to the soul. She loves helping to create this environment for others to experience more peace in their lives.

In addition to cleaning Crystallynn loves to sing, dance, grow her own organic food, wilderness backpack, internationally travel, practice and teach Yoga, and do just about anything to create a more purposeful and authentic life, along with helping guide others to follow their own highest happiness.

Crystallynn looks forward to contributing to the ease and beauty in your life!

Kari – Cleaner

Kari is in love with cleaning and making spaces feel fresh. She has worked in the cleaning industry for years and loves the balance it brings to her life!!! 

She is detail oriented, listens well to clients requests! She grew up in the rouge valley and enjoys its beauty by spending her free time in nature, reading books and cooking! Hard working, caring and reliable!! 

Diana – Cleaner

Raised in Oregon, Diana feels very fortunate to live in Rogue Valley where there is lots to enjoy and beautiful scenery and amazing landscapes that are pleasant to the eye. Focused on ways to go “green” and conserve our beautiful Planet, Diana's free time is spent with her family doing outdoor activities such as hiking, camping/swimming in the summer season, gardening, and ideally anything that involves being outside getting fresh air. As a cleaner her standard is to be efficient and thorough in all her assignments. 

Cat – Cleaner

Cathrine grew up in in southwest Minnesota and ever since she was a child she loved to help her family and friends clean and organize. One of her fondest memories was going with her Aunt during the summer months to help clean cabins at the lakes. 60 percent of the time she would be running around outside swimming or catching frogs but these memories were the beginning of her passion for cleaning. Cat moved to Oregon 2 years ago to escape the Minnesota winters and to gain more experience with cleaning.

Her hobbies include gardening, reading, hiking and traveling. Cat also loves animals and learning as much as she can about them.

Cleaning for her is about washing away the old energy to make room the the new refreshed energy allowing you to come home or to the office feeling relaxed and happy.

Her core values are to be kind and love much.

Sara – Cleaner

Sara grew up in southern oregon riding horses and helping her family with her fathers' glassblowing business. She then went on to live in Eugene and Portland for a few years but came back to ashland oregon to make her home base. Sara learned from a young age that cleaning doesn't just help clear the space, but it helps the mind and body feel more at ease. 

Sara's goal is to bring peace, harmony and good health to any space she is in to make others feel more at ease in their daily lives and safe spaces. 

In her free time she enjoys yoga, kickboxing, hiking, cooking vegan food and enjoying some homemade kombucha at the end of the day.

Ilda – Cleaner

Ilda grew up in rural northern California and moved around quite a bit before settling in Ashland. She loves nature and spending as much of her free time as possible in the mountains surrounding the Rogue Valley. She enjoys how meditative cleaning is and loves seeing how happy clients are with a fresh and clean space.

From a young age she's been concerned with the health of our planet and constantly strives to live a greener, more eco-friendly life. Ilda has done a wide range of jobs from being a line cook, a mechanic, electrician, delivery driver, as well as cleaning homes and offices. She's always striving to find ways to do her job better and further satisfy her clients. She has quite a number of hobbies including woodworking, backpacking, playing and writing music, car restoration, and building simple electronics.

Ariana – Cleaner

Ariana is currently 21 years old and originally from California. She enjoys the cleaning industry as a profession. Ariana really genuine loves helping people in any way she can and she loves seeing customers satisfied and pleased with the work that she has done. She thinks by cleaning she is able to fulfill both of those things. She takes pride in herself and her job.

Jazmin – Cleaner

Jazmin was born in California and raised in Oregon. She has two beautiful girls and two step sons who ave taught her the meaning of unconditional love. She loves to spend her free time with her family doing fun activities like playing board games, watching movies and enjoying the outdoors. Jazmin also enjoys her time in the kitchen cooking for her family.

Being the oldest child of seven came with many responsibilities and unforgettable amounts of chores. That's when her passion for cleaning began, she's sure! For the past four years before working with Graceworks she has been cleaning retail stores, office and public schools. She love seeing the transformation of her work. She is highly motivated, honest and caring towards her clients needs to meet their satisfaction.

Carissa – Cleaner

Carissa was born and raised in Southern Oregon. She is a proud mom to her 14 year old daughter who is her daily motivation. She loves animals, especially dogs, and some of her favorite times in high school were spent doing volunteer work walking dogs at the Southern Oregon Humane Society. Family and living a healthy lifestyle are very important to her. She is always looking for ways to improve her health and she finds providing a clean and non toxic environment to be very satisfying. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors, practicing photography, and making natural beauty products.

We are currently located in Medford, Oregon making us easily available to service throughout the Rogue Valley area.

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Graceworks Volunteers at the Ashland Death Cafe

Graceworks donates to JPR each year

Graceworks donates to the Ashland School Foundation each year

A portion of our profits are given to Save the Children

A portion of Graceworks profits goes to Integral Church to help grow access to Integral spirituality in the world.

A portion of Graceworks profits goes to Kiva.org to help those with financial barriers around the world to be able to take steps for a brighter future.



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